Mini IVF The Half-Price IVF That Increases Chances For Pregnancy in Cyprus

Mini IVF, Pregnancy Methods, North Cyprus IVF Clinic, NicosiaThere may not be such thing as a miracle drug, but a new version of In Vitro Fertilization – dubbed the Mini IVF – sure sounds like a miracle procedure! It is half the price of the conventional IVF, with fewer doses required, and far less side effects. With Mini IVF, a milder and more natural ovarian stimulation is used in place of the standard IVF stimulation.

Mini IVF, also known as low-intensity IVF or minimal ovarian stimulation IVF, is rapidly gaining in popularity and one of the best destinations to visit in order to get this treatment is Cyprus. North Cyprus IVF Clinic in Nicosia provides fertility procedures available only in few countries, including Mini IVF.

Couples who choose the Mini IVF treatment hope to obtain more eggs than in natural cycle IVF while avoiding some of the discomforts, risks, and costs which may be associated with traditional IVF. As such, patients undergoing Mini IVF may achieve the following benefits:

* Minimize exposure to drugs during ovarian stimulation and at the time of egg retrieval,
* Reduce health risks and discomfort caused by ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS),
* Eliminate or significantly reduce the pain of daily drug injections,
* Reduce the high cost of drugs, and
* Shorten wait time between cycles.

North Cyprus IVF is the first ISO 9000 qualified clinic in Northern Cyprus and a leader in fertility treatments in this region. They have various partnerships with renowned scientists, hospitals, clinics and agencies from all over the world, to provide patients the latest, safest and the most successful treatments available.

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