Middle Eastern Azerbajian Citizens Seeking Medical Travel to Turkey

Do you know where Azerbajian is? It’s located along the western bank of the Caspian Sea, nestled along the borders of Russia to the north, Georgia and Armenia to the west and Iran to the south. Its geographical location makes it difficult for many of its citizens to receive adequate medical care for moderate to severe illnesses and disease. So how are they accessing healthcare?

The National Institutes of Health documents that Azerbajian has experienced inefficient medical health care system, poor financing and equipment and adequately trained medical staff in past decades when it comes to offering universal access to health care, offering free care provided by governmental support.

With a small doctor-to-patient ratio, many rural Azerbajian citizens have no accessibility to state-of the art emergency care and treatments. Some of this care is available in larger cities such as its capital Baku, or Ganja, the country’s second-largest city, rural areas lack comprehensive emergency medicine specialists.

Medical care providers in Azerbajian and Turkey are now collaborating with other international government and health care organizations and systems, including those found in neighboring Turkey. Turkey offers experienced care and services in multiple medical platforms in a number of surgical procedures including cardiovascular, brain and orthopedic surgery or surgical procedures.

Azerbajian travelers seeking care in oncology, kidney dialysis, organ transplants and fertility treatments are also popular, affordable, and effective.

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