MedTour Greece, Athens, Greece

MedTour Greece is a medical tourism company in Greece with the aim of providing high quality healthcare and treatment options to the international patients. We connect patients with the best hospitals and clinics in the Greek healthcare industry and have strong collaborations with the biggest Travel and Tourism Organization in Greece.

Treatments offered:
Our patients will be offered the best healthcare treatment whilst enjoying our country’s hospitality:

  •     Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Reconstructive Surgeries
  •     Dental
  •     IVF
  •     Dermatology
  •     Vascular Surgery
  •     Nutrition
  •     Neurosurgery
  •     Bariatric
  •     General Surgery
  •     Minimal Invasive
  •     Orthopedic
  •     ENT
  •     Ophthalmology
  •     Urology
  •     Psychological Therapy
Expert Doctors In All Fields:
  •     Dr. Andreas Androulakakis (Plastic Surgeon)
  •     Dr. Vassilis Sarlis (Dentist)
  •     Dr. Georgios Sarlis (Gynacologis)
  •     Dr. Areti Vagena (Dermatologist)
  •     Dr. Alexandros Koinis (Orthopedic Surgeon)
  •     Dr. Anastasios Karandreas (General Surgeon)
  •     Dr Konstantina Frangia (Pathgologist)
  •     Dr. Georgios Mireas (ENT)
  •     Dr. Konstantinos Lagios (Neuroradilogist)
  •     Dr. Mihalakis Anastasios (Urologist)
  •     Dr. Stavros Tombris (Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon)
  •     Dr. Yanni Malliaris (Psychologist)
Why MedTour Greece?
  • Protect and improve patients’ physical health
  • To raise awareness of the high level of quality of Greek healthcare
  • Organize the most effective collaboration among all the ones involved
  • Educate medical and tourism staff, thus offering patients a familiar but professional environment by serving high quality healthcare services
  • Develop and promote an interactive communication between all influenced industries in order to make Greece the best fulfilled destination of medical tourism
  • Develop new techniques in order to influence positively medical tourism
Our Medical Team:
MedTour Greece has one of the best doctors and physicians in its medical team who are well qualified and have years of experience in providing excellent healthcare and treatment services to the patients from all over the world.Why Medical Tourism in Greece?
The patients have the opportunity to combine medical treatment with a relaxing vacation by paying, depending on the location, 50%, 30& or even 10% of the price they would pay in their own countries. This has lead the medical tourism industry in Greece to develop rapidly attracting international patients, specially without medical insurances, offering world class, affordable treatment in the accredited hospitals and medical centers.

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