Medical Vacations: Treatment Abroad

If you could travel anywhere in the world you could, where would you go?  The white, sandy beaches of Cancun, Mexico or to the heart of civilization in Istanbul, Turkey? Would you prefer a safari in South Africa or the best in deep sea fishing and snorkeling in Costa Rica?

Now, ask yourself another question. If you could receive world-class, quality and affordable medical care in one of those destinations, would you go? Today, individuals from around the world are crossing borders for medical care. Call it what you will; medical travel, medical tourism, medical vacations, they all offer individual’s personal choice in health care, health and wellness technologies, and options.

Some of the best health centers in Mexico offer clinics in Costa Rica, surgeons in Mexicali, or medical treatment in Panama. From dental care to stem cell therapies, Latin America has become a leader in dental care, cosmetic and plastic reconstructive surgical procedures, from noninvasive plastic surgery to the best dental care treatment and cosmetic dentistry.

Surgery in Turkey, doctors in Istanbul and cost of treatment in Istanbul has been drawing western Europeans for years, and Americans are finding out that facilities like the Florence Nightingale Hospital offers internationally recognized and advanced medical technologies from vascular diseases to cardiac care to orthopedics.

Health care organizations, facilities, and medical groups understand that consumers today are seeking personal choices in cancer treatment, affordable dental treatment, fertility procedures, health check systems, cardiac bypass surgery, to orthopedic hip resurfacing. Consumers seeking stem cell treatments or stem cell based therapy want options. Medical care in the 21st century offers opportunities, options and choices for all.

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