Medical Treatment in Croatia

Croatia’s capital is Zagreb, a hub of ancient history and modern technology. It’s a place where medical tourists and visitors can find architecture dating back to the 7th century or where vacationers may find the best in hotel accommodations, fine dining and entertainment. Zagreb is the cultural center of Croatia, boasting scientific and cultural advancements. It’s also a city that offers tourists that Old World feeling, enhanced by cobblestones streets and beautiful, medieval-style architecture. Museums, theatres, gorgeous hotels and a multitude of dining opportunities await travelers arriving in this ancient, thriving city.


However, Croatia offers so much more than sights to see. Affordable treatment in Croatia offers visitors the best in dentistry in Middle Europe. Croatia dentistry and cosmetic dentistry in Croatia’s famous cities offers affordable dentistry in clinics in Zagreb or the best cosmetic dentistry doctors in Rovinj. From dental implant surgery to teeth whitening, dentists in Croatia are well trained and experienced in all forms of dental surgery and cosmetic dental treatment procedures and techniques.


Whether you want to visit Trident in Rovinj for one of the most experienced dental surgeons in Croatia (over 10,000 implants to date) or the offices of Dr. Branko Glusac in Makarska, a world-famous plastic surgeon in Croatia for sinus surgery and cosmetic and reconstruction surgery, medical travelers enjoy the benefits of medical tourism in Croatia that insures high standards of care in not only the field of dentistry, but also cosmetic/plastic surgery, orthopedic/knee surgery, skin care, holistic healing and additional medical spa treatments that are effective, efficient and affordable.

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