Medical Travel Abroad Booming

Today, medical travel offers patients from around the world affordable orthopedic care, cancer treatments, stem cell therapies,  cardiac care and chronic disease treatment, and the best choice in physicians and surgeons in the world. Add to that the benefit of traveling to some of the most beautiful, exotic destinations that allow you to receive the medical care you need at prices you can afford, all the while experiencing an ultimate travel experience.

Excellent and accredited hospitals and facilities filled with committed, dedicated and highly trained specialists, doctors and surgeons are available for patients who want to have more control over their medical care.

For example, take the Wooridul Spine Hospital, located in Seoul, South Korea – globally recognized and respected facility that addresses a variety of spine issues, including spinal scoliosis, spine orthopedics and sports injuries.

How about Memorial Hizmet Hospital in Istanbul, famous for the treatment of cardiac issues such as heart valve replacement surgery, heart bypass and heart transplantation, as well as neurosurgery, eye surgery, and pediatric surgical procedures, and among the first in the world to perform organ transplants?

Whether you’re looking for vision care, fertility treatments or alternative methods for treating a chronic illness, there are numerous facilities around the world that are catered to your specific needs. Best of all, medical care abroad saves travelers money, even with the costs of travel and lodging.

Medical tourism today is a booming industry. Individuals seeking cosmetic dental treatment, plastic surgery specialists, treatment for cancer, custom Lasik eye surgery, and fertility treatment abroad, bariatric surgery centers, cardiac bypass surgery, or orthopedic surgeons find excellent, highly trained, and world-class surgeons, procedures, and facilities around the world.


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