Medical Tourism Tips for Travelers

When traveling abroad for medical care, help your new medical team provide seamless continuity of care by remembering to pack copies of a few important documents that you’ll need to give to your new provider, whether you’re traveling to Croatia or Singapore. For example, documents should include but are not limited to:

  1. Medical records – This doesn’t have to be your entire medical record, but recent treatments/procedures, diagnosis and prognosis. Ask for records at least one to three months back, depending on your condition and desired treatment.
  2. List of medications – Specify if you are allergic to anything – medications, foods, etc.
  3. Consultation or referrals from domestic health care provider – This is important for your new doctor to more fully understand your condition and prognosis.
  4. Medical history – Be honest when answering questions regarding your social history and background.

These days, teleconferencing in medical fields is more common, so your doctor may be able to communicate directly with your foreign care provider about your history, needs and possible procedures or treatments.

Before traveling abroad for medical care of any type or surgery, ask about:

  1. Costs – what are the costs of a medical travel package (hotel accommodations, laboratory fees, physical exams, consultations, procedure costs) during your length of stay.
  2. Prepayment requirements – find out how facilities want to be paid ahead of time. Do they want cash or credit card payment? Do travelers need to convert currency to foreign currencies? Does the facility take traveler’s checks or allow payment plans?
  3. Details for prospective treatments – get information about potential treatments and procedures before you go. Does the doctor/surgeon have experience providing the services you need?

For more information regarding tips and suggestions for medical travel to foreign destinations, visit PlacidWay, an international medical provider and resource that can answer all your questions.



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