Medical Tourism Issues – Choosing Your Surgeon

Many people are intimidated, embarrassed and hesitant to ask about surgeon qualifications and experience, but it’s your body, and your decision. However, take the time to find out about your surgeon; determine his or her surgical specialty, qualifications, and training.

Medical tourism providers such as PlacidWay offer website visitors and clients detailed an in-depth information regarding surgeons qualifications including schooling, training, and experience in surgical fields that range from orthopedics to urology, neurosurgery, plastic and cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, as well as general surgical procedures.

Surgeons generally complete a 4- to 5-year residency after traditional university education, followed by four or more years of medical school. Surgeons who sub-specialize may spend another year or two focusing and practicing in that subspecialty. For example, don’t be embarrassed to ask:

  • Are you board certified in your specialty or subspecialty? Board certification is only granted after written and oral examinations taken and passed. Surgeons who complete subspecialties should have certification in those fields as well.
  • How many surgical procedures in this subspecialty have you performed? You may also inquire how many surgeries the surgeon has performed in the past year.
  • Is your surgeon willing to ask a surgeon with greater experience to assist in your surgical procedure?
  • Ask about recovery times and complications.  Any surgical procedure, no matter how minor, comes was certain potential complications that range from reacting to anesthesia to post surgical blood clots.

When choosing a surgeon at home or abroad, remember that you’re the one in charge. Take the time to research the training, qualifications such as the link provides, and experience of surgeons no matter where they’re located, where they’ve been trained, and/or the type of procedure you’re looking for.

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