Medical Tourism in South America

South America is one of the most popular medical tourism destinations in the world.  Some of the best hospitals in South America offer treatments in plastic surgery, weight-loss programs, LASIK, obesity/bariatric surgery, fertility treatments, in vitro fertilization (IVF), and many others. Whether you’re looking for affordable treatment in Brazil or obesity treatment in Argentina, or the best clinics in Bolivia, medical tourists from the United States as well as around the world benefit from the excellence, level of service, and highly trained surgeons and physicians throughout the continent.


Looking for a makeover in cosmetic or plastic surgery?  Check out Makeover Travel, in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.  Ophthalmologic treatments and other eye or LASIK care can be found at Med Logistics Services in Medellin, Colombia.  And of course, Rio de Janeiro in Brazil offers some of the best plastic surgery and rehab centers.  Surgery cost in South America is much lower than is found in the United States and other parts of the world, but this doesn’t mean that care is substandard.


South American destinations such as Colombia, Argentina, Bolivia, Guatemala, and more offer the best hospitals in South America, as well is the best doctors in South America.  Whether you’re traveling to Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Santa Cruz, or Sao Paulo, medical travelers will benefit from affordable surgeons in South America in the fields of cosmetic and plastic surgery, infertility or fertility treatments, dentistry, eye care, and more.


From Argentina medical tourism to cosmetic surgery abroad to dental tourism abroad, South America has it all.

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