Medical Tourism in Sonora, Mexico

We’ve all read about the violence south of the border in recent months, from Mexico City to the U.S./Mexican border. However, when it comes to medical travel in the beautiful state of Sonora, the state closest to the American border in the northwest of Mexico, common sense and knowledge regarding terrain, travel, and dos and don’ts have kept patients in good stead.

Facilities like Bio Care Hospital and Health Center in Tijuana offers cancer treatment, chronic disease treatment, age management and alternative treatments to travelers seeking advanced and integrative medical care and medical center facilities. Staff at Bio Care wants you to feel safe and secure in their environment and Dr. Rodriguez and his staff offer easy and safe access from Southern California and surrounding communities.

Hospital de la Mujer, located in Baja California, is as pristine as ever, untouched by negative actions or publicity, as are the addiction facilities of Rehab in Mexico, located in Monterrey. From detox to a plethora of addiction treatments, Mexican health providers are dedicated to keeping travelers safe, comfortable and happy in beautiful locations, pleasant surroundings and within close distance to a number of amenities, hotel accommodations and entertainments.

Medical tourism is helping the Mexican economy, aided by medical travel packages that include hotels, flight or travel arrangements, car rentals, and tour and entertainment packages. Mexico is on track for becoming one of the top five tourism destinations, according to the International Business Traveler. Nearly 23 million tourists visited Mexico in 2010.

PlacidWay, a medical tourism provider and resource based in Denver, Colorado, also recently launched PlacidSonora, focusing on health and medical delivery care in some of the best doctor’s offices and hospitals in the state of Sonora.

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