Medical Tourism in Mexico: Is It Safe?

No doubt about it, anyone reading about the current turmoil in portions of Mexico is understandably concerned about the safety of venturing south for medical treatments that include the most popular, and affordable obesity and weight loss surgical procedures, cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures and stem cell treatments. However, border safety along the Mexican border offers Americans and Canadians traveling south for a number of treatments can be assured of safety in many of these border crossings, and most especially at Nuevo Progreso.

The border crossing at the Nuevo Progreso is the closest to the Integrative Medical Center run by Dr. Omar Gonzales, a specialist of stem cell therapy treatments, procedures and research in Mexico, as well as specializing in placenta implants, integrative medical services for stress, anxiety, chronic fatigue, chronic infections, and autoimmune diseases with placenta stem cell therapy and treatment procedures.

Dr. Gonzalez is aware that travelers are extremely concerned regarding safety, but assures potential travelers that his clinic is in a safe location, and that surrounding communities continue to receive American tourists ready to spend their days shopping, enjoying fine Mexican cuisine, and receiving the benefits of the treatments that Dr. Gonzales and his Integrative Medical Center offers. Staff at the clinic have always, and will continue, to accompany patients who arrive South of the border to the clinic and remain nearby as patient advocates throughout the entire treatment process.

Americans and other travelers arriving in Nuevo Progreso in Tamps, Mexico have remarked on how safe they feel in the friendly and beautiful community as well as the benefits of receiving treatment that Dr. Gonzalez’s Integrative Medical Center facility.

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