Medical Tourism: Caribbean Style

In recent years, Barbados has become one of the most popular medical tourism destinations for international travelers from the United States, South America, South Africa and Europe. State-of-the-art treatments in fertility and infertility, cardiology, cosmetic and plastic surgical procedures, and dental and cosmetic dental medicine has drawn thousands of travelers to her sandy beaches and world-class medical facilities. A multitude of medical facilities, clinics and hospitals in Barbados are accredited by the JCI International, a U.S. health accreditation body.

Medical tourism is growing around the world, and it is estimated that nearly 800,000,000 patients will travel beyond borders in 2010 for medical and health care, a great number of them to Barbados. Medical spas and health and wellness tourism has hit it big in Barbados and travel executives in the Caribbean recently joined together to promote medical tourism and global health for Americans and Europeans.

PlacidWay, a medical tourism portal based in Colorado, knows that competition for medical care is rising, as will the demand for orthopedic surgeries such as hip joint replacement as well as diagnostic medicine and dental care needed by growing numbers of Baby Boomers. Cost of medical care in Barbados will be similar to that found in Latin American countries such as Costa Rica.

With the debate over health care reform and rising health care costs raging in the United States, more Americans will seek medical care abroad. What better than to schedule treatment in a vacation location? Barbados, a jewel of the Caribbean, meets that criteria, and will offer its medical facilities and treatment centers to the growing list of global health and wellness providers in coming years. PlacidWay is dedicated to providing relevant and timely resources for the health and wellness industry for travelers around the world.



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