Medical Care Abroad: Losing its Stigma

In the past few years, the concept of traveling to other countries to receive medical treatment is no longer scoffed at.  Long gone are the horror stories or the jokes about substandard treatment in third world countries that people supposedly flock to save money, only to end up with disastrous results.  As a matter of fact, many such stories are based on rumor and have propagated because of misconceptions regarding foreign medical care.

As a matter of fact, foreign destinations are often the leaders in developing medical treatments, procedures and surgeries. Take Jordan Hospital Medical Center, for example.  Jordan Hospital Medical Center is a world renowned facility that specializes in providing the latest and best technologies in the medical health field.  The first to perform open heart surgery, the facility was also the first to perform a live liver transplant.

Wooridul Spine Hospital, located in Seoul, South Korea is a highly rated, accredited and certified spinal care and spinal surgery center that brings patients from around the world for cutting edge technologies in spinal surgeries.

The truth of the matter is, medical facilities, many of them located outside of U.S. or British borders are more highly rated and developed when it comes to equipment and technology, offer international patients and travelers the newest quality care procedures and techniques in the world.

A majority of medical facilities abroad are certified and accredited not only by national accreditation facilities but by international accreditation organizations such as WHO, JCI (Joint Commissions International), ISQUA (International Society for Quality in Health Care) and ISO (International Organization For Standardization).  When it comes to superlative, excellent and affordable healthcare, options are available, and often recommended, beyond domestic borders.

PlacidWay, an international medical tourism and health and wellness portal, is focused on breaking down barriers and offering reliable and up-to-date information regarding foreign facilities, surgeons and health care professionals to offer global choices when it comes to medical care options.

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