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Welcome to Med Cell Europe

We help you to make your future health provisions with stem cells from adipose tissues.

What Do We Do?

Med Cell Europe is the first Swiss Company which preserves stem cells from your adipose tissue.

We preserve them for the your future health and wellbeing. Stem cells taken from your fat tissue can be frozen for future uses, we process them for regenerative cell transplantations and other applications, they will be stored for you in our stem cell bank.

In our laboratory intensive research takes place. Med Cell Europe guarantees the conservation of your stem cells in cryopreservation for a period of up to 20 years.

Med Cell Europe is at the cutting edge of this technology. Our scientists are able to isolate and propagate adipose-derived stem cells to a hitherto unknown purity and quantity.

We provide you the opportunity to benefit for tomorrow’s healthcare and prevent your healing in the event of possible future illness.

Med Cell Europe enables you to take the steps to provide your future health and wellbeing. The Stem cells taken from your fat tissue can be frozen for future use by means of the latest methods and stored for you in our stem cell bank.

We Guarantee You:

To provide personal advice at all times as well as detailed information available.

  • High Quality Cryopreservation of your Stem Cells.
  • A personal box with everything your doctor will need in order to ship your stem cells to our laboratory.
  • Preparation of your adult stem cells at the highest medical level for application in autologous transplantation.
  • That your stem cells will be sealed in special containers, cryopreserved and stored for 10 years or more.
  • That patients will be able to access their own, autologous stem cells stored in our stem cell bank.
  • Your personal identity card with details of your stem cells and storage place.

Our Specialists

The Med Cell Europe Team applies its know-how, and commitment combined with the latest technology and the research results of the future, on behalf of your personal healthcare, we are proud of our specialists:

  • Steven James Kellner
  • Dr. Med. Miriam Reif
  • Peter Kellner
  • Dr. Med. Dipl. Biol. Helen Thoma


Why Store Cells?

It is important to make the right provisions for your future health by storing your stem cells as a personal insurance policy.

The ideal time to obtain and store your cells is as long as you are HEALTHY and FIT.

In general terms it makes sense for them to be sampled and stored at any stage of life. In the past, however, the valuable stem cells located in the adipose tissue were simply thrown away. Med Cell Europe is now offering the possibility to store these multipotent stem cells for a decade or longer by means of cryopreservation, ready for application in any autologous transplantation which may become necessary.

Why to Choose Us?

An Investment in the Future at Transparent Prices!

Our offer includes important aspects, such as:

  • The Highest Quality Cryopreservation of your Stem Cells.
  • The isolation and extraction from the adipose tissue.
  • The storage of the cells for a period of up to 20 years.
  • Complete access to your stem cells at all times.
  • The preparation of your adult stem cells for a transplantation at the highest medical level.

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