One Man Discovers Bone Marrow Transplant Options

Zac needed a bone marrow transplant, known in medical lingo as a BMT. Sounds like a sandwich, doesn’t it? Too bad it isn’t. A bone marrow transplant is a serious medical procedure typically used as a treatment of medical conditions like anemia, leukemia, immune deficiency disorders, and multiple types of cancers.

The problem is that the numbers of people who need a bone marrow transplant far exceed donors who can provide suitable bone marrow matches. Bone marrow is found inside bones, and contains blood cells and stem cells whose main job is to create new blood cells and fight infection.

Zac researched bone marrow transplants and found out that there were two major types: allogenic – bone marrow from another donor other than the patient, or syngeneic – bone marrow harvested from an identical twin.

Zac also researched costs. He was horrified. Unless he was lucky enough to use one of his siblings as a donor, he was looking at costs ranging around $400,000. That cost included the search to find and type donors, undergo chemotherapy and radiation and infusion treatments, doctor’s fees, hospital fees, and other expenses.

He began to research bone marrow transplants abroad. He discovered that traveling to a foreign destination like South Korea or Costa Rica could save him tens of thousands of dollars on the same treatments, including harvesting, and/or transportation of donors to the facility.

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