Making Conception Possible: Fertility Treatment Abroad

IUI, also known as intrauterine insemination is a popular and effective fertility treatment for millions of women around the world. While a variety of factors need to be considered before a woman undergoes artificial insemination techniques, including age and reason for infertility (if it can be determined), intrauterine insemination is an ideal solution for women who can still ovulate but may be dealing with male factor infertility, early menopause, or tubal blockage or damage.

Any woman or couple unable to conceive a child after two years of trying is an excellent candidate for the minimally invasive intrauterine insemination procedure. Couples dealing with fallopian tube blockages, low sperm counts, low quality sperm counts or other medical conditions that prevent conception will benefit from an attempt to artificially inseminate male sperm into the uterus.

Women or couples seeking treatment and medical destinations such as Turkey may save hundreds of dollars on the procedure, while travelers to Latin American destinations such as Mexico and Argentina may save up to 70% of treatment and drug costs. Such savings are not due to lack of quality, technology, or training, but reflect lower medical malpractice insurance premiums, different healthcare systems and management practices in foreign countries.

Fertility Argentina, located in Buenos Aires and Cedyt, located in Bariloche are examples of two patient focused and high-tech fertility treatment centers in Argentina.  Jinemed Hospital, located in Istanbul, Turkey, has nearly 20 years of infertility treatment experience, and Acibadem Healthcare Group, also located in Istanbul, is a JCI accredited private healthcare facility.

Affordable, quality, and effective fertility treatments utilizing intrauterine insemination techniques and technology provide hope for millions of couples and women around the world who have difficulty conceiving.

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