Major Surgery Abroad: The Best in Orthopedics and Cardiac Care

You might wonder about receiving major surgery abroad. You’d have questions about the facilities, the surgeons and the procedures and equipment. Many Americans think that the only place to get major surgery, like heart surgery, is in the U.S.. But did you know that many of the world’s latest technologies and cutting edge surgeries originated outside of the Americas? Jordan is the home of many high-tech and life-changing surgical procedures, including heart transplants, living liver transplants and cancer treatments.

South Korea is a leader in spine surgery and is always on the cutting edge of technological advances in medicine and health care. Excellent and skilled physicians, state-of-the-art technology and some of the most advanced healthcare facilities in the world continue to draw medical travelers to South Korea for medical treatments and procedures in organ transplantation, cancer therapy treatments, dental care, plastic and cosmetic surgery.

Not only are major surgeries in the fields of heart care and spine care more affordable in foreign destinations, they offer the same training criteria as educational standards in the U.S. Heart care and surgery abroad and spine care and orthopedic surgeries abroad offer medical travelers from around the world access to the best cardiac surgeons and care facilities.

From the Wooridul Spine Hospital in Seoul, South Korea to the Jordan Hospital in Amman, Jordan, foreign care facilities offer JCI and ISQUA accredited hospitals backed by major teaching hospitals and universities around the globe as well as organizations like WHO.

Orthopedic surgery abroad offers the best orthopedic surgeons in countries you never imagined. Broaden your horizons and learn about quality and affordable health care abroad.

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