Losing Weight with Affordable Weight Loss Surgery Abroad

Nearly one in three Americans are overweight these days, which has led to a drastic increase in medical conditions related to obesity – including diabetes, joint pain, an increasingly sedentary lifestyle, and in some cases, breathing and movement difficulties. In some cases, various factors can affect weight gain, such as genetics, family history and age.

Many individuals seeking help for their obesity feel helpless and without options when they see the high cost of obesity procedures and surgeries in the U.S. a laparoscopic gastric bypass procedure in the United States costs between $17,000 and $30,000, depending on the procedure, current weight and risks, other medical factors and location where the surgery takes place. These costs may or may not include hospital, surgical suite and anesthesiologist’s fees. In India, the cost averages about $16,500. In Mexico and South American destinations, costs may average between $9,800 and $13,000. 

Today, individuals have increasing freedom to choose medical care providers from a wide range of international destinations for numerous medical issues, including obesity.

 Highly rated gastric bypass surgery facilities that perform multiple types of procedures include the elegant Sanoviv Medical Institute along the Baja Coast in Mexico. Alternatively, check out the facilities of the Almater Hospital in Mexicali, or Mexicali Obesity Solutions. Further south, try Med Logistic Services in Columbia. South Korea is a growing medical destination for bariatric surgeries and techniques, and offers several top-notch facilities, including the 365mc’s Obesity Clinic or the Bariatric Surgery Center in Seoul.

You can do it. You can afford it. You will benefit from it.

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