Looking for the Best in Bariatric Surgery?

Look no further for one of the most experienced bariatric surgeons south of the border, then you’ve found your match with Dr. Jorge Maytorena, highly trained and certified in advanced laparoscopic surgery and bariatric surgical procedures such as sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass.

Specializing in diabetes obesity surgery, a specialty called Diabesity surgery, Dr. Jorge Maytorena offers diabetic patients hope for long-term health and wellness through his bariatric surgery. He doesn’t just stop when the surgery is over, but continues to guide and manage his patients through the weight loss process following surgery. Maytorena strongly believes that in regard to obesity-related diabetes as in many individuals, one is directly related to the other. Treating the obesity often treats the diabetes.

Dr. Jorge Maytorena, a well-known and respected bariatric surgeon located in Baja California, specializes in obesity surgical techniques and procedures and wants his patients to enjoy the benefits of those procedures long-term. Dr. Maytorena has put together a guide for his patients, which includes information regarding the laparoscopic procedure, as well as his recommended diet for a step-by-step approach toward behavior changes and attitudes regarding diet and lifestyle.

Dr. Maytorena specializes in many forms of bariatric surgery, including the newest techniques such as gastric plication. Gastric plication, like many other bariatric surgical procedures, reduces the overall size of the stomach and limits food intake. Unlike other bariatric surgical procedures, gastric plication does not affect the stomachs ability to absorb nutrients, which leads to decreased surgery associated complications such as vitamin or nutrient deficiencies.

Learn more about Dr. Maytorena and his dietary recommendations following laparoscopic gastric sleeve at his website at and at

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