Laparoscopic vs. Open Surgery – What’s the Difference?

Medical patients with increasing options for treatment, procedures and surgeries found both domestically and abroad require the medical consumers understand their condition, potential treatments, and the benefits of one type of treatment over another, depending on your current medical condition and prognosis. Your primary care provider will help guide you through this decision making process, but understanding the difference between certain types of surgeries may help you make more educated and knowledgeable decisions regarding surgery option.

Laparoscopic surgeries and laparoscopic surgery options require smaller incisions than an open surgical procedure, which traditionally may be 5 to 12 inches longer more. Laparoscopic surgery for cancer treatment, obesity and bariatric surgical procedures as well as cancer treatments involving removal of tumors, cancerous growth, or partial or complete colon removal (colectomy) is growing in popularity due to its reduced healing time, infection rates, and surrounding tissue damage .

According to the National Institutes of Health, laparoscopic surgical procedures cause less post-operative stress on the body than conventional open surgical incisions. Laparoscopic methods help reduce hospital-acquired infections, cause less bleeding, surrounding tissue damage, and trauma to the body.

Laparoscopic surgical procedures are often performed in the pelvic and abdominal areas of the body, and due to the size of incisions, scarring is extremely minimal or invisible following surgery and healing processes, as compared to deep and large scars caused by conventional surgery.

Understanding your options for surgical treatments and procedures for a multitude of health related conditions helps consumers make better decisions regarding affordable and quality medical care at home and abroad.

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