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Najat could hardly get around anymore. Her quality of life had gown downhill the moment her right knee gave out, making walking, housework, or even going to pick up food for her family not only difficult, but extremely painful. To make matters worse, 74-year-old Najat and her husband took charge, found information regarding medical tourism and decided to travel to India for double total knee replacement surgery.

Dr. Venkatachalam, fondly known as Dr. V by many of his patients, has years of experience in orthopedic procedures and his excellent qualifications and experience continually increase his reputation around the world. Dr. V is known as one of the finest orthopedic joint replacement surgeons in the world for his joint replacement surgical procedures in India at the Madras Joint Replacement Center in Chennai.

One of the most popular knee replacement prosthetics is the Oxinium prosthetic joint, which received approval by the U.S. FDA in the last 1990s. The Oxinium joints last nearly 90 times longer than traditional knee joints, making the Oxinium implant highly acceptable for younger or older individuals suffering from limited range of motion, pain, stiffness and lack of mobility caused by knee injuries or conditions like arthritis.

Chennai is a beautiful tourist destination in India, offering visitors a stress free vacation and the best options for orthopedic surgery in India. The Madras Joint Replacement Center in India offers only the best in quality care from qualified, certified and highly experienced joint replacement surgeons such as Dr. A.K. Venkatachalam.

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