IVF with Gender Selection – You Have a Choice

In vitro fertilization is a fertility treatment method also known as IVF. The procedure joins a female egg and a male sperm in a laboratory environment. The eggs and sperm are collected from the couple separately and then placed together in a laboratory environment. After the egg/s are fertilized, the resulting embryos are then transplanted back into a woman’s uterus for gestation.

IVF with Gender selection is opted for by couples wishing to avoid sex-linked disease processes such as Duchene’s muscular dystrophy or hemophilia. Gender selection can screen for hundreds of hereditary diseases.

 IVF Gender Selection PlacidWay PlacidBlogThree methods that combine gender selection principles with in vitro fertilization include:

  •   PGDThe pre-implantation genetic diagnosis is a method that tests embryos for genetic disorders prior to fertilization and has been utilized since the late 1980s in prenatal diagnosis scenarios. Embryos are tested for genetic diseases before implantation into the uterus.
  •  Prenatal testing typically performed through ultrasound, amniocentesis, maternal blood sampling and a process known as chorionic villous sampling, also called CVS.
  •  Gender selection – separates the Y and X chromosomes in male sperm prior to fertilization. Then, the X or Y selected sperm are combined with the woman’s eggs and artificially inseminated into the female following fertilization.

It’s your baby, your life!

You do have options to test for the likelihood of certain disease or gene-related conditions before you conceive.

Talk to your doctor about the IVF with gender selection procedure and visit PlacidWay for more information on new pre-natal technologies available to couples today.

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