Italians Heading to Croatia for Cosmetic and Dental Treatment Abroad

Croatia is in the news again, not because of any disruption, political dissent, or war. Croatia has become one of the leading countries in Central Europe to encourage and establish a solid medical tourism base for Europeans, Americans and other international travelers seeking the best cosmetic and plastic surgery, skin care, dentistry, antiaging, age management, and medical spa treatment. Italians are by far the largest group in Europe heading east for treatment in Croatia, more than likely because clinics in Croatia, such as clinics in Zagreb, doctors in Rovinj, and the cost of treatment in Makarska is much lower, and yet still offers quality and compassionate care.

Rovinj is one of the most popular cities in Croatia, one that was established in the Middle Ages, a beautiful and develop seaport that offers the best of old world charm and modern technology. Rovinj is not alone in offering Italians and other world travelers the best in Croatian health spas, but join hands with nearby cities such as Selce, Zagreb, and Makarska offer medical travelers quality, experienced and state-of-the-art medical technologies, treatments and procedures.

Dental treatment in Croatia is considered some of the best in central Europe and private dental surgeries located throughout Zagreb, such as Dr. Toncic’s Cosmetic Surgery Clinic or the best in esthetic dentistry at Trident in Rovinj and other major cities offer a multitude of dental treatments, from bleaching to root canals at prices Europeans can afford. Affordable dental care in Croatia offers the latest techniques in cosmetic dentistry, prosthetics, and dental implants, and provides a convenient and affordable alternatives to Italians and other medical tourists seeking quality and great prices.


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