Internationally Accredited Medical Tourism Destinations

Today, accreditation by nationally recognized and renowned organizations and associations may literally mean the difference between success and failure for healthcare services and providers. Accreditation by facilities such as the Joint Commission International (JCI) as well as the International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua) signify that a facility, staff, or health service meets standard quality of care and services for patients.

Two excellent and renowned facilities are the Bangkok Hospital Medical Center in Bangkok, Thailand, and the Jordan Hospital, located in Amman, Jordan. The Jordan Hospital is accredited by the JCI and the ISO. This 300-bed multi-specialty state-of-the-art medical center provides a multitude of services for medical travelers, including surgery, internal medicine and specialized therapeutics, for a fraction of the cost that Americans spend on health care. The Jordan Hospital was the site of the first kidney transplant in 1972, and the first heart transplant in 1985.

The Bangkok Hospital Medical Center is also JCI accredited and has been providing world-class and award-winning healthcare since the early 1970s. A huge facility with over 650 full-time and consulting physicians, 700 nurses, and dozens of support technicians and specialists, the Bangkok Hospital, the International Hospital, the Bangkok Heart Hospital, the Cancer hospital and the Dental Center and Rehab Center offer world travelers the best in medical care and services in Southeast Asia.

These two facilities are just an example of the many fine health care facilities and practitioners available for medical tourists today. When looking for international health care, make sure they are internationally accredited, and that physicians and staff are board-certified and licensed to practice.

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