International Patient Guide to Health Travel

A guide to health travel for any international patient seeking treatments abroad

Who is the international patient?

This is a person who couldn’t find the right treatment locally – that is in their home country. This may also be the case when the treatments available in the home country are too expensive and the need for affordable care leads to health travel.

What is health travel?

Whenever we undergo surgeries, treatments and therapies outside our home country (whether it’s cosmetic surgery or complicated organ transplant) we make health travel.

The best way to make the right choice in health travel is to know what to look for and getting the answers to the important questions. Here are a few tips on what to ask:

1. Is the facility JCI approved?

The Joint Commission International is the institution which approves a clinic or a hospital to provide medical care to patients from foreign countries. Their approval means the facility will have high quality standards in the services they provide international patients.

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2. What will my treatment involve?

The idea is to get as many details as possible in this matter. Most doctors, who have dealt with international patients before, expect this question and they usually give out the information in detail in a comprehensive way. At PlacidWay, general information about the surgeries is available, however, each case may present various particularities, that is why it is imperative to know your procedure and the expected outcome as well.

3. How much will my treatment cost?

The prices are mostly transparent and available with all the JCI approved clinics, however, a personalized quote will be made especially for you, before you choose the treatment facility abroad. This is very helpful because there are some hospitals abroad who provide a package for the patient that may include the flights and accommodation in hotels, as well as airport transfer. The free quote helps you establish your overall budget before the health travel.

4. Will I be able to enjoy a vacation?

With health travel you would normally expect to also enjoy sightseeing and other activities, but it is not always that simple. As an international patient you should ask about the rehabilitation process, the do’s and dont’s prior and post-op. In a complicated surgery sightseeing might not be possible, while with other therapies it might actually be indicated.

If you have any other questions that need answers, be sure to write them below, or send them over in the PlacidAnswers section, tweet us at @PlacidWay.

Research everything in order to enjoy your health travel experience as an international patient!

Alexandra Brad

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