India Medical Tourism – A Land of Technology and Wonder

Without a doubt, India has become the medical tourism capital of the modern world. Offering the latest technological advances, experienced and expert physicians and surgeons and the very best in patient care, health tourism in India has secured her place in the world as a premier medical travel destination.


Specializing in orthopedic, cardiac surgery in India those looking for transplant and plastic and cosmetic surgical procedures as well as obesity/bariatric surgery abroad, surgeons in India are also leaders in health tourism for nuclear medicine, neurosurgery and cancer procedures. American medical travelers flock to India for such treatments because of the enormous savings to be had – nearly a tenth of the cost of procedures and surgeries in the U.S. It’s no wonder that medical tourism in India is increasing at a rate of about 30% a year.


Medical travelers looking for bariatric surgery in India, or those looking for obesity and weightloss clinics in Delhi or health centers in Mumbai are offered superlative healthcare in a wide range of techniques and procedures. Compare the affordable bariatric surgery cost in New Delhi against that offered in a clinic in California and you’ll see the difference.


Visitors to India can see the Himalayas to the north or frolic on white, sandy beaches to the south. Visit the palaces where maharajas lived in luxury or hike the back roads to experience the rustic lifestyle that is still a part of life for many native Indians. From the Western Ghats to wildlife sanctuaries, India is a place of many surprises, each one more awesome than the last.

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