Increasing Costs, Reduced Services Prompt Medical Tourism Abroad

Medical tourism is a growing, expanding industry. It’s little wonder, as rising healthcare costs, longer wait times and the number of hoops  you have to jump through to see a specialist increase.  People in some countries face reduced options when it comes to surgical techniques, treatment methods, long-term health, and wellness procedures that treat a wide variety of medical conditions ranging from obesity and bariatric surgery to alternative cancer treatments and therapies.

Have you looked at the cost of prescription drugs lately? A person diagnosed with cancer may benefit from drugs like Avastin, but the price tag for that drug, for one month, averages roughly $4,400. Even if you switch to another drug like Herceptin, you’re going to pay around $3,000 a month for it. Who the heck can afford that, even with insurance coverage, which will reach its cap at that rate in no time.

This is why so many people today, in countries around the world, are seeking alternatives. Not just Americans are dissatisfied with health care and increasingly limited options these days. People from Western Europe and the Netherlands are traveling to central European countries like Poland and Hungary for affordable medical treatment and surgeries. Citizens of the Middle East and portions of Africa are traveling to destinations such as India, Malaysia and Singapore for affordable medical treatment.

You have the right to quality yet affordable medical care. If you can’t get it at home, consider traveling someplace else. Explore options, treatments and procedures at, a U.S.-based medical resource and provider. You DO have options.


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