How to Communicate with Your Doctor. Helpful Tips.

How to talk to your doctor?

For all of us it’s hard to communicate how we feel, but this sensation is even worse when we need to make a visit to the doctor. At that point we start wondering about what things we should definitely say and the ones to ignore. Well, here are a few tips and recommendations to be sure you and your doctor understand each other and he/she can help you get all the necessary answers and the proper treatment.

Visiting the Doctor

One of the biggest fears you may have is this one: “I Don’t Want to Bother the Doctor”; doctors are busy, YES! However you must remember, you’re not bothering him, you are paying your doctor to help you; also, it’s your duty to provide him all the necessary information in order to do so. Otherwise how should he know what is going on with you?

 how-to-communicate-with-your-doctor-placidway-medical-tourism-servicesFew tips that help you to communicate with your doctor:

  • Speak up, report all your symptoms or experiences correctly, no matter how insignificant they may seem to you, do tell the doctor about them. Then, he’ll decide what’s important and what is not.
  • Ask questions, be confident, if you cannot do this, then act as a confident person, dress nicely, and if this is not enough try to practice the questions you have, or think about them the night BEFORE the medical appointment.
  • Be honest about your symptoms, and when they began. Reporting your experiences correctly, and not overlooking anything will allow the doctor to help you.
  • Approach the doctor as if you were talking to a friend or someone you trust, if you’re afraid, then SAY SO; tell the doctor you are afraid, he/she will understand. Doctors are usually nice people.
  • Ask about the condition, medications and possible treatment options; it’s always helpful to have everything clear in mind; besides it will reduce the anxiety no matter what situation you’re dealing with.
  • Listen to what your doctor says and asks him/her for clarifications when you don’t understand something. Remember that part of good communication includes both listening and being listened and understood in an environment of mutual respect.

What not to forget while visiting your doctor:

  • Bring your healthcare records.
  • A list of questions and concerns.
  • To go with a friend or family member, someone who can offer support.

The recommendations may differ for each medical procedure, treatment, illness or situation; so, try to apply what is most relevant to you. The most important thing is this one: DO NOT leave until you understand what to do next! Be smart about your healthcare appointments and talk to a doctor who is prepared and trained for helping you overcome this situation and feel good once again!

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