High IVF Success Rates at Jinemed

Jinemed IVF Fertility Clinic in Turkey has changed lives. At least Samantha and Colin, a couple who arrived at the Jinemed IVF clinic in Istanbul for fertility treatments. “I feel that we are in the best possible hands,” Samantha writes.

It’s not hard to understand why couples are pleased with treatments at the fertility clinic, with one of the highest success rates (50% to 60%) for IVF treatments and one that provides the highest in standards, patient-centered care and services.

Founded over 20 years ago, Jinemed Hospital Medical Center employs a combination of European, American and Turkish board-certified physicians as well as patient coordinators to help facilitate travel, passport and visa requirements, and access to the best in excellent and experienced treatments in Istanbul.

Staff at Jinemed Medical Center focus on accurate diagnoses and effective and prompt treatments for all individuals. The focus of doctors and support staff at Jinemed is to give every individual access to excellent healthcare providers and facilities, regardless of race, religion or origin. Samantha and Colin agree.

Jinemed IVF Hospital also offers ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection) and ovarian cortex freezing technologies. As one of the first infertility clinics in Istanbul, the hospital also offers diagnostics and treatment for male infertility. is an international medical provider for not only IFV and fertility services abroad, but also hundreds of medical procedures and treatments offered by JCI accredited hospitals and highly trained and qualified medical and dental practitioners abroad.


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