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About Healthway Medical Group
Healthway Medical Group is one of the largest network of private medical providers, offering centers and clinics focused on health care services, primary health care, specialization services, and dental care. As a multifaceted corporation, healthcare delivery throughout such a system offers a seamless integration of quality care for patients.Singapore is a land of rivers, islands and gorgeous beaches that draws visitors from around the world. A mild climate, delicious cuisine, and thousands of years of history, steeped in thousand-year-old culture and traditions beckon world travelers who have only heard about the wonders and scenic beauty of this smallest country in Asia.

Approach to Medicine at Healthway Medical Group
Healthway Medical Group is provided consistent and quality healthcare services since the early 1990s and boasts as one of the largest outpatient clinical groups in Singapore. Healthway Medical Group has made sure that access to their facilities is as convenient as possible, all located in close proximity to MRT/LRT stations throughout the island, and offering ten clinics that are open until midnight, specifically striving to meet the needs of those who can’t get away from work during the day.

Healthway Medical Group is proud to offer approximately 400 general practitioners in their affiliated network or providers as well as specialty clinics that meet the need of patients requiring specialized or focused care. Affiliated with a number of x-ray clinics and laboratories in Singapore, healthcare delivery systems are efficient, timely and accurate.

Physicians at Healthway Medical Group offer a variety of services for domestic as well as international travelers including:

  • Orthopedic surgery and sports medicine
  • Pediatrics and baby care
  • General practice
  • Dental surgery
  • Gastroscopy and colonoscopy
  • Eye, ear, nose and throat surgery
  • Health screenings
  • Medical aesthetics

Facilities and networks through Healthway Medical Group also offer ECG resting and treadmill testing, audiometry, MRIs, CT scans and other forms of imaging.
Healthway Medical Group also offers a child development and pediatric center, as well as specialists in cardiology, chest and internal medicine, ophthalmologist and psychiatry.

In the field of wellness anesthetics, facilities offer plastic surgery, dental care, a heart center, medical aesthetics, and clinical sciences and methodologies for those seeking weight loss, skin care and pain management.

The focus of Healthway Medical Group is to provide the highest quality in medical services and facilities that are accessible as well as affordable to all patients.

Traveling to Singapore for Healthcare
Singapore has earned a reputation of being one of the hottest medical tourist destinations in Asia. High quality medical care and facilities await those arriving from around the world to benefit from Singapore’s expert physicians and surgeons in the fields of dentistry, cardiac and orthopedic surgeries and organ transplant programs. Nine JCI (Joint Commission International) accredited hospitals in Singapore provide excellent service and quality for nearly all medical and health needs, at a tenth of costs paid for equal medical care in the U.S. Literally hundreds of thousands of international travelers visit Singapore every year to benefit from low-cost surgical procedures and high-quality care and facilities.

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