Health and Wellness Tourism Abroad

Health and wellness tourism is also known as medical tourism. The concept of medical tourism certainly isn’t new, and has been going on for thousands of years, originally starting in Rome, China, and then Western Europe. Today, health tourism is generally divided into four separate categories, including elective, surgical, alternative medicine and wellness programs.

Elective – cosmetic plastic surgery, fertility treatments, weight loss surgeries, and dental procedures and treatments

Surgical– cardiac, cancer, orthopedic care and surgery and neurosurgery procedures and treatments

Alternative Medicine– Chinese or Ayurvedic medicine and Ayurveda treatments, homeopathy, or CAM (complementary and alternative medicine ) treatments and procedures

Wellness– holistic, medical spa treatments, and yoga practices and methodologies

Medical treatment abroad offers consumers access to global healthcare, taking advantage of advanced technological services and procedures from medical facilities and healthcare providers around the world. Medical vacations provide consumers with affordable surgery abroad, more choices, and of course, the ultimate in tourist destinations.

Affordable medical procedures in the fields of dental and eye care, cosmetic surgery, obesity and weight loss programs and in high tech medical care services in fields such as cardiac care, orthopedics and cancer treatments prompt individuals from a multitude of nations to cross borders for affordable and high-quality health care in world-class settings throughout the globe. Health tourism, medical treatment abroad, and medical tourism packages offer consumers the best of the best abroad.

PlacidWay, a leading a growing international medical tourism portal based in Colorado, USA, offers information and resources regarding medical treatments and facilities around the world, promoting certified and accredited medical and health care services in fields that range from anti aging to cardiac care and organ transplant surgeries.

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