Health and Wellness in South Africa

Many of us don’t think of South Africa as a medical tourist destination, but nothing could be further from the truth. South Africa has a growing global reputation as offering some of the best medical tourism and travel packages around the world, and with good reason. South Africa, and Cape Town especially provide some of the best surgeons and facilities for a variety of treatments and procedures, including orthopedic care, cosmetic and plastic surgery, fertility and IVF treatments, Executive Healthchecks, general surgery and LASIK eye care.


Medical tourism South African offers some of the best Cape Town health centers and clinics in South Africa. Hospitals, clinics and high-tech facilities are attracting more medical tourists every year, especially those seeking high quality care and cost savings in procedures like cosmetic and plastic surgery, dental surgery and orthopedic and ophthalmic surgical procedures. So whether you’re looking for a face-lift or a heart transplant, South African surgeons are trained and experienced to meet your needs.


For affordable surgery in South Africa and some of the best surgeons in South Africa, take the time to research Surgical Bliss in Cape Town, offering world-class medical care and quality.


Surgeons and facilities are registered and accredited by the South African Medical and Dental Councils. From accommodations to surgeries to taking advantage of exchange rates, medical travelers from the U.S. are generally able to save at least 50% of costs for similar surgeries back home. Private and public medical settings offer medical travelers the privacy they need for recuperation, while offering a unique setting in which to do so.


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