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Don’t trust your body just anybody. Always look for professional and expert cosmetic surgeons and doctors who are highly skilled and well trained, specially when it comes to hair. A large country with a diverse cultural impact, Argentina is an ideal destination for hair transplant. Cost effective to travelers around the world, Argentina has become a large industry due in part to the sophistication of Buenos Aires and the hair transplant and cosmetic surgery it offers.

Hair Always, a top hair transplant center in Buenos Aires, Agentina, is gaining a reputation of offering best hair transplant services at affordable cost. Hair transplant specialists in Hair Always are highly trained and experienced offering highest level of service & satisfaction in the area of hair transplant and medical treatment for hair.

About Hair Loss
Alopecia or baldness is the name given to the relatively abundant and early loss of already weakened hair. In most of the cases, such loss first becomes evident in the forehead (receding hairline) and in the crown or skull vertex.

Medical Treatment:
Hair loss treatment means long-term planning; results cannot be seen overnight. A long-term therapy, whose goal is satisfactory and long-lasting results, always requires doctor-patient confidence. The best drug used in the treatment of male androgenetic alopecia is finasteride; women mostly require a combined treatment, i.e. topical substances that have a similar effect to that of finasteride or minoxidil at 2% or other drugs prescribed according to the cause of baldness.

Hair Transplant:
Since the dawn of surgery innumerable procedures have been undertaken to treat baldness, which has become a matter of utmost concern in a society in which appearance plays a highly relevant role in human behavior. In the 1970s the trend was the “punch”, which was given up because the hair looked like a doll’s; in the 1980s flaps, an esthetically unacceptable procedure, were in. In the 1990s the use of follicular units is introduced in hair transplant. Such procedure has been enhanced since then and has now become the most successful treatment for almost every type of baldness.

In order to undergo the procedure, the patient must go through a pre-surgery test consisting of a blood test and an ECG evaluating surgical risk. Those patients with disease antecedents must undergo all the necessary tests to reduce risk and potential complications.

Accurate diagnosis is based on:

  • Thorough medical record: when did hair loss start? Coinciding events, such as serious accidents, medication ingestion, diseases).
  • How long has the patient been losing hair? Length of loss and concomitant peculiarities.
  • How? Degree of loss, slight, excessive, broken hairs, hair and root loss.
  • Where? Typical model (distribution) of hair loss.
  • Physical test: carefully examine scalp (skin and hair) as well as overall skin and nails.
  • Complementary tests: blood test, skin biopsy, hair trichogram.

Unless an adequate treatment is undertaken, this process of constant qualitative-quantitative deterioration inexorably ends up in baldness. Baldness may appear at a very early age or at any other moment of life. Its manifestation usually causes some degree of psychological impact, anguish in some cases, worsened by the fact of not knowing what to do.

The search for hair loss treatments has been surrounded by magic formulas and rituals throughout history.

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