Growing Stigma for the Overweight and Obese

Americans are getting obsessed with fat. Either you’re overweight or underweight and the news today announced a “Weight Stigma Awareness Week”. While being overweight is not good for health reasons, those dealing with it certainly don’t need to deal with the growing stigma attached to being overweight or obese. Not all overweight people are binge eaters or struggling with bulimia.

However, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, perceptions regarding those who are overweight or obese are changing yet again. Prejudice against heavy people is on the rise. Unfortunately, many now equate obesity as laziness and inability to work at optimal levels.  In America alone, nearly $60 billion goes into the diet industry, and growing numbers of overweight and obese are seeking bariatric surgery to help reduce their health risks. Fat is not about lazy.

Regardless of the cause of obesity – convenience of fast food, reduced physical education programs in school, emotional disorders or just plain genetics, health is important. Obesity-related health problems are on the rise, from Type 2 diabetes to orthopedic problems to sleep apnea and depression. Wanting to take advantage of obesity or bariatric surgery is one thing, accessing it another. Most U.S. healthcare insurance plans don’t cover the cost of bariatric surgery, as it is considered an elective procedure for most.

However, you have options. Check out for obesity surgery abroad. Obesity surgery in India, weight loss surgery in Thailand or gastric bypass surgery in Argentina is all options. Some of the best weight loss surgery in Europe is affordable, as is affordable bariatric surgery in Mexico.  From the Family Hospital or the supreme skills of Obesity Surgery’s Dr. Jorge Maytorena in Mexico, to the Anadolu Medical Center in Istanbul, you have choices.


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