Going My Way? Medical Tourism is a Booming Business

You can very well say that medical tourism to destinations around the world is booming these days. People are finding out that you can get excellent and experienced health care for far less than they’re paying in the U.S. for many medical procedures. Accessibility, affordability, and the convenience of traveling to beautiful locations around the world combined with medical care continues to attract individuals from dozens of countries around the world to exotic and unique destinations for their health and wellness needs. 

Facilities, doctors and surgeons in international medical destinations offer savings in thousands of dollars in health care costs. Added to that savings are package deals offered by a large number of medical providers worldwide that include accommodations, transportation and other perks for the patient and one or two guests.

For example, a knee surgery such as a knee replacement procedure in the U.S. can cost over $30,000, as compared to $12,000 charged in India. The cost of ligament repair can cost around $17,000 per knee in America, with knee abrasion arthroplasty costing nearly twice that amount.

Check out heart care and surgery abroad, from cosmetic surgery in Argentina to the best cosmetic surgeons in Costa Rica. From the best cancer treatment hospitals in Mexico to the best laparoscopic surgery clinics in Europe, consumers are discovering the joys of medical tourism.

PlacidWay offers educational resources to hundreds of medical conditions and treatments and procedures, information regarding qualifications of certified and accredited health care professionals and facilities and streamlined and easy access to medical travel packages, options and the opportunity to develop customized travel arrangements to destinations around the globe.

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