Global Health Survey – Take matters into your own hands!

Global Health Survey

Take matters into your own hands!

What do you think about when you hear global health ?

However you look at it, the way patients look towards global health is now seriously changing. The change has been brought upon by the evolving online environment that has given all individuals a voice.

Make your requests and desires in health options!

PlacidWay and independent specialists have developed a global health survey that will help governments see what needs work in terms of improving healthcare.

Take 10 minutes and complete the Global Health Survey. Have your say about local and global health options.

If healthcare sucks, tell us why

by taking the global health survey

Placidway Global Health SurveyWho needs to improve, what needs to be improved… Make your voice heard!

If your country has excellent healthcare, tell us how can everyone get there?

Follow the link below and send us your opinion regarding local and international health options.

 Take the global health survey now!

The global health survey will reward its respondents. When you fully complete the survey you will see all the terms & conditions that are associated with your qualification to be eligible for the $100 prize draw.

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