Global Health Care: Jordan Hospital’s Commitment to Excellence

Many people don’t realize that Jordan has one of the most advanced healthcare systems in the Middle East. Most people also don’t know that the first kidney transplant was successfully performed in Jordan in the early 1970s, and the first heart transplant was performed in the mid 1980s.  As a premier medical facility in the region, Jordan Hospital and Medical Center provides a variety of services including cardiac and neurosurgery, organ transplantation, cardiothoracic surgery, bariatric surgery, and neonatal and pediatric care.

Meeting the growing needs of individuals around the world discouraged and disappointed by domestic or local healthcare choices are increasingly visiting online medical tourism portals such as PlacidWay, an International medical tourism portal based in Denver, Colorado, for healthcare options.

Facilities such as the Jordan Hospital and Medical Center around the world provide world-class, state-of-the-art, and highly trained and experienced physicians, surgeons, and medical and surgical facilities to meet a variety of needs. Like Jordan Hospital and Medical Center, many of these facilities are JCI accredited and have won international awards of excellence. Jordan Hospital and medical center is also ISO certified and is compliant to the International Society for Quality in Healthcare (ISQua) and adheres to world-class accreditation standards.

Today, Americans, Britons, Canadians, Europeans, South Africans and Asians are demanding quality and affordable healthcare options. Understanding the growing need for such care, international medical tourism destinations have become a growing trend in the health and wellness industry. Millions of individuals travel throughout the world today to receive the best that medical, surgical and technological developments offer to individuals that also provide quality and affordable healthcare options.

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