Get Up And Go: Health Care Choices Abroad

Mr. Mohamed Ali of Egypt contacted the Izmir Dental Clinic, also known as Teras Dental, which has over 20 years of experience treating a variety of dental needs. Suffering from a broken front tooth and five missing teeth on the sides of his mouth, dentists in his native Egypt told Mohamed he needed crowns. Mohamed wanted to find the best dental clinic that would meet his needs without taking a big chunk out of his wallet.

Mohamed wrote a note to PlacidWay, a medical tourism portal based in the United States that offered information regarding dental clinics in Europe. Mohamed was mildly surprised when he received an immediate reply from the Izmir Dental Clinic explaining their treatment for ceramic crowns, the cost, and the fact that the Izmir clinic price included accommodations for a five-day stay in a comfortable hotel in the city of Izmir.

Jan, a Fort Collins, Colorado native found herself in a difficult situation after she was figuratively “fired” from by her third dentist. After accessing PlacidWay, a medical tourism portal developed by CEO Pramod Goel of Denver, Colorado, Jan researched her options and found several providers who could possibly help her obtain the quality yet caring dental care she was looking for. Jan eventually chose Wellness Dental, a state of the art and experienced dentistry clinic in Costa Rica.

What do Mohamed and Jan have in common? A desire for better health care, more choices and options, affordability, accessibility, and the desire to actually venture abroad for excellent, experienced, accredited, certified and affordable dental care. Growing numbers of international patients are venturing beyond borders for healthcare with success, satisfaction, and huge savings.

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