Gaining Worldwide Recognition in Quality Health Care

No longer can the excuse of lackluster medical equipment or treatment methodologies be used as an excuse the medical tourism is not a viable option for millions of travelers seeking cheaper health care. Cheap does not equate with substandard in this equation. Global facilities offering spinal care, cardiac procedures, orthopedic joint replacements and obesity and bariatric surgery procedures are gaining a worldwide reputation for excellence in care, quality patient-centered treatments and the latest in state-of-the-art equipment and technology.

Heart care abroad offers the best heart care and surgery in Singapore and affordable heart surgery in Turkey to the best heart transplant in Costa Rica services and technologies. The Jordan Hospital, located in Amman, Jordan is just one example of a JCI and ISQua accredited hospital facility.

One of the best for spinal care is the Wooridul Spine Hospital, located in South Korea. You can find the best spine surgeons in Thailand and excellent and best spine surgery in India.

The Kent Hospital in Izmir, Turkey serves patient needs in cancer treatment, open heart surgery, hip and knee replacements and organ transplantation in one of the largest and modern JCI accredited facilities in southeastern Europe.

Mexico and South America have gained a growing reputation as leaders in offering some of the best obesity surgery abroad in locations like the Antiobesity Center located in Cancun, Mexico and at Bariatric Surgeries/Angels Abroad in Guatemala City, Guatemala.

Today, the world of medicine and high-tech medical treatments and technologies offer options and choices in health care that weren’t available a mere decade ago. Effective, affordable and caring global facilities are saving lives in all corners of the globe.

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