Fortis Offers Affordable Orthopedic Care in India

From having difficulty performing tasks of daily living to painful walking or sitting, hip disease and injury prompts nearly 200,000 people in the U.S. alone to seek hip replacement surgeries on an annual basis. Jessica was one of those people. Why? Because she couldn’t afford the over $50,000 price tag that accompanied her query into hip replacement surgery in the U.S.

So Jessica checked around international locations where she could find excellent but affordable hip surgery. She found what she was looking for in India – at the Fortis Hospital, located in Noida as well as nearly a dozen other locations, including New Delhi. Fortis, she discovered, is privately owned, a JCI accredited and ISO certified facility, and for over twenty years has adhered to international patient care and quality standards. The nearly 300-bed hospital offered staff who speak multiple languages and helped with accommodation arrangements, visa and flight arrangements as well as personal escorts and transportation services.

Jessica researched hip replacement surgical procedures and approaches and learned about conventional hip replacement surgery, minimally invasive surgery and hip resurfacing. With help from PlacidWay, she spoke with staff at Fortis and learned that her surgery would range in cost between $9,000-$10,000. At first, she was confused and wary. Who wouldn’t be? Then, after speaking with an orthopedic surgeon at Fortis, Jessica realized the drastic savings in cost were based on different health care delivery systems between India and the U.S.

Jessica traveled to the Fortis Hospital in Noida, one of a chain of Fortis hospitals throughout India.  She met with Dr. Ashok Rajgopal, director of Orthopedics at Fortis Noida. A few months later, Jessica has returned to her backyard garden, planting, weeding and taking care of her flowers and vegetables – something she thought she’d never be able to do again.

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