Learning Foreign Languages Can Protect You From Alzheimer’s

You can speak foreign languages – You are protected from Alzheimer

If you can easily change the dialog from one language to another, fluently, it means you have a highly flexible memory.  Experts say that individuals who are skilled in multiple foreign languages are protected from Alzheimer’s disease.

Those of you who learn and speak foreign languages have higher chances to delay the manifestation of multiple forms of dementia, among others – Alzheimer’s disease.  Scientists have reached this conclusion after studying more than 600 individuals who were suffering from forms of dementia.

Alzheimers and Foreign Languages

The median age of the sufferers was of 66 years old. Among them, those who spoke two or more foreign languages have developed dementia with more than 5 years delay, compared to those who only spoke their mother tongue.

The areas of the brain involved in various functionalities such as memorization, problem solving and attention span are much more evolved in those who can speak multiple foreign languages. It cannot be stated for sure that polyglots can actually prevent Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia, but, having an improved brain function can lead to a significant delay in the appearance of the symptoms of dementias.

Furthermore, those who can easily switch among the languages within a dialog, fluently, have a higher degree of memory flexibility.

Alzheimer’s is a degenerative brain disorder that affects the ability to memorize, remember, language, behavior the ability to process information and IQ.

The alarm is triggered when sudden short term memory loss is noticed, forgetting a person among the friends or entourage, repeatedly telling the same story, disorientation in a familiar environment  and confusion, but also sudden mood swings and personality disorder.

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