Firming the Face: Botox Treatments Abroad

One of the most commonly known and non-invasive techniques to give your face a younger appearance is Botox. There’s a reason why Botox has been around for years – because it’s effective, affordable and produces excellent results. Still, many women (and men) seeking a more youthful look don’t know that much about Botox or treatments. We’re here to change that.

Yes, it’s obvious that women are the largest recipients of Botox, but men are increasingly opting for the procedure themselves in order to reduce deep wrinkles around the eyes or mouth. This is a treatment approved by the Food and Drug Administration and results of one treatment can last up to 3 or 4 months.

Actually, Botox is a protein produced by Clostridium botulinum that helps keep the muscles from moving in certain areas prone to wrinkles, such as the skin around the eyes, lips and forehead. Botox treatments are non-surgical injections that take less than fifteen minutes to apply. Within a few minutes, deep lines and wrinkles begin to smooth and show improvement, and continue to produce results for weeks.

Costs for Botox in the United States run from $200-$400 per area, while treatments in Thailand may cost anywhere from $130-$180. Treatments in India may range from $112-$180 per treatment area in India. Aesthetica International Medical Center in Budapest, Hungary offers a number of anti-aging procedures, as does Dr. Toncic and his Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in Zagreb, Croatia.

Before choosing a Botox procedure or provider, research doctors who specialize in cosmetic surgical procedures, no matter where you plan to go for your procedure. Choose a plastic or cosmetic surgeon with experience with Botox and knowledge of facial aesthetics.

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