Finding Treatment Abroad that You Can’t Get at Home

Ivie was a Nigerian woman looking for help with a personal issue. Actually, the issue involved both she and her husband, but she was really too embarrassed about it to discuss it even with other family members or friends. Let’s just say it was a female issue and Ivie was not pleased with the attitude or availability for help with her problem in her native country.

Ivied and her husband traveled to India for their care. Why? Because India offered the facility, the procedure and the feedback from other patients that she was looking for. Ivie is just like thousands of other women seeking the best in medical and health care but unable to find it in their own country. Whether it’s Nigeria or Uzbekistan, women deserve the best in gynecological treatments and procedures.

Ivie was looking for fertility treatments, but didn’t want to deal with the stigma of her condition that she would find at home. She didn’t want everyone to know that she couldn’t conceive, and was tired of trying to come up with excuses why she and her husband hadn’t produced a child yet.

Ivie underwent several in vitro fertilization procedures during their two-month long vacation stay in New Delhi at the New Life India facilities. New Life offered Ivie PDG selection, several rounds of IVF, and specific testing that identified her fertility problems, all the while treating her with the utmost in courtesy and respect.

By the time she returned home, Ivie was ecstatic to announce that she was pregnant, and thanks to the assisted reproductive technologies (ART) offered by New Life India, Ivie is glowing and looking forward to becoming a Momma.

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