Finding Antiaging Facilities Abroad

Fighting the battle against the wrinkle, the sag or the crow’s feet? Stem cell treatments may very well be the future of anti aging treatments. Cell growth and rejuvenation offers Botox-like results that reoccur naturally after injections of new, young and healthy skin stem cells. Studies are continuing in this exciting and groundbreaking field of research.

Antiaging treatments today consist of both medical as well as natural treatments and therapies. Everything from the latest techniques in thread lift surgical procedures to fat transfers to products that include human growth hormones, to cosmetic and plastic surgeries such as chin lifts, forehead lift, breast reduction or breast augmentation, nose jobs, and of course, liposuction or body contouring techniques.

From cosmetic surgery in Argentina to affordable cosmetic surgery in Croatia, help is out there. Some of the best cosmetic surgery in Mexico or affordable plastic surgery in Thailand are provided in accredited, state of the art facilities such as MedTravel Ecuador, located in Quinto, Ecuador, or Cedyt in Bariloche, Argentina, to Yanhee Hospital in Thailand. The world is literally at our fingertips these days, for everything from traditional or homeopathic anti-aging treatments to the latest in thread face lift surgical techniques.

Facilities like Global Medical Group in the Barbados to Grand Resort Bad Ragaz in Switzerland to OAS Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Costa Rica, there is a facility out there that can meet your anti-aging needs and expectations.

Visit, an increasingly popular medical tourism and travel portal, for information regarding a variety of antiaging treatments ranging from rhinoplasty to obesity plastic surgery.

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