Find Your Smile in Costa Rica!

A visit to Costa Rica will literally take your breath away. Extraordinary things to see and experience keep travelers coming back to this country to explore the many landmarks, scenic views and activities it has to offer. From climbing volcanoes to watching crocodiles in the wild to sipping drinks on a beach at sunset, Costa Rica lives up to its nickname – Pure Living!


Costa Rica is not only famous for its beauty and tranquility, but for a burgeoning medical tourism destination, and as one of the best providers in dental care and oral health south of the border. One of the most popular facilities in Costa Rica is the Wellness Dental Group, offering some of the best dentists in Costa Rica and cosmetic dental treatments in Costa Rica. Located in San Jose, Wellness Dental Group offers teeth whitening to root canal therapy, dental implants, dental implant specialists, dental crowns and bridges, and the best in affordable cosmetic dentistry.


From teeth whitening treatments to complete dentures, Wellness Dental Group is a member of the American Dental Association (ADA) and offers an experienced, certified and well-trained staff to offer the best in Costa Rica dental care clinics, dental surgery in San Jose and the best experience for travelers seeking dental care treatment, Costa Rica vacation benefits, and the friendly, knowledgeable and effective care of general dentistry care, dental surgery, and everything from a temporary dental bridge to a variety of types of dental implants.

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