Find the Smile you’re Looking for in Mexico

Cosmetic dentistry can help repair and improve unsightly stains, brighten smiles, and repair and replace chipped or broken teeth.  Dentistry is provided for children and adults to treat tooth disorders, gum disease, child dental health issues and to provide overall dental health for adults. The field contains procedures that offer a wide range of treatments, from filling cavities to covering broken teeth with porcelain crowns.

Facilities such as PV Smile, located in gorgeous Puerto Vallarta, offers the best in dental care with the ultimate in vacation destinations. If you need:

  • Repair of chipped or broken teeth
  • Cavities filled
  • Gaps between teeth tilled
  • Teeth whitening or bleaching  whiter, brighter smiles
  • Porcelain crowns
  • Bonding, bridges, and dental implants

then the dental experts at PV Smile can make it happen, at affordable prices.

Cosmetic dentistry can be expensive, depending on the procedure. In the United States, implants may cost $1,200-$2,000 apiece. Bonding may cost $300-$600 a tooth, and crowns may cost anywhere from $800-$1,000.

Dental professionals and clinics in Mexico and South America such as PV Smile offer the same services for a lot less. For example, travelers to Mexico can save up to 70% on dental procedures.

Dentistry in Mexico offers some of the best treatment in Mexico, with accredited, certified providers. Dental clinics in Mexico like PV Smile, located in Puerto Vallarta or Alfadent, located in Cancun, offer affordable dental surgery in Mexico, as well as a large variety of dental care and treatments.

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