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Have you ever had trouble finding a dentist you liked? Have you ever been “fired” by a dentist because he or she just didn’t seem to want to take the time or effort to treat your specific dental problems or issues? More people are finding themselves turned away from dental offices because their dental issues are too complex or too time consuming compared to reimbursement for such services.

Dental treatments in the United States are growing increasingly expensive, and individuals looking for traditional dental fillings, extractions, bonding, dental crowns or bridges or even more complex procedures such as bone grafts or dental cyst operations find that the costs of cosmetic dentistry are astronomical.

In the United States, a single tooth extraction may cost up to $650. Travelers venturing south of the border to Mexico, Costa Rica and even further south into Panama, Guatemala, Columbia or Argentina can save between 50% and 75% on the same dental procedures, with the same quality as those performed in the United States.

Dental medical facilities such as Wellness Dental, located in Costa Rica, or the Alfadent facility in Cancun, Mexico offer American and international patients superlative dental expertise at a fraction of the costs found in the United States.

Travelers to Italy, Turkey, and Thailand find excellent, world-class and JCI accredited dental facilities for treatments and procedures such as cosmetic dentistry veneers, dental crowns and bridges, mini dental implants, flexible dentures, custom dentures, and inexpensive cosmetic dentistry that offers choices and options to suit every need.

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