Fat Transfers and Anti Aging Stem Cell Therapy

Tired of looking in the mirror and seeing what you see? Do you think your nose is too big, your wrinkles too deep, your jowls are sagging? Thousands of patients today are looking for minimally invasive procedures that can repair skin damage caused by aging. Multitudes of men and women benefit from noninvasive treatments that help them feel more confident. If you’re diagnosed with a skin condition or damage that causes sagging skin, wrinkles, or age spots, you have affordable options.

Did you know that the latest stem cell treatments, human growth hormone or stem cell therapies and approaches and ongoing stem cell therapy research focused on anti-aging fields has created huge interest around the world? And with good reason. Technologies like stem cell gene therapy and adult stem cell therapy and even cord blood stem cell therapy, researchers and doctors around the world can now offer alternative treatments to surgery for cosmetic anti-aging purposes.

If you’re not interested in stem cell therapy, consider fat transfer. Fat transfer medical procedures help to effectively ‘plump’ tissues and skin in areas that have lost elasticity and smoothness caused by general aging. Fat transfers remove fat from other areas of the body and inject them into areas in the face. This helps reduce or eliminate signs of sunken skin and loss of skin elasticity.

Both fat transfer and micro fat transfer procedures are used in facial rejuvenation techniques during eyelid surgery and some facelifts.  The technique helps soften bony areas and reduces depth of lines and wrinkles.

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