Expats Going Home For Medical Care

More expatriates are returning to their native countries for medical care. This trend is due in part because of increased quality of care in many countries, as well as the affordability of such care. 

Asians traveling to Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia enjoy affordable state of the art and high-tech treatment and care for orthopedic surgical procedures, cardiac care, and vision care. Latin Americans are returning to Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina for cutting edge technology in cosmetic and plastic surgical procedures, infertility treatments, and anti aging treatments and procedures. Eastern Europeans are traveling to destinations such as Poland, Croatia, Hungary, and Armenia as well as Russia for drug detox treatments, infertility treatments, and stem cell treatment and technologies.

Rising healthcare costs in the United States, Britain, Canada and France are compelling natives as well as foreign citizens to return to their homelands for such care, which utilizes highly trained physicians, world-class treatment and quality care that nevertheless is not burdened by high malpractice insurance costs, long wait times, and an increasingly disturbing trend by physicians and insurance companies in some countries to hesitate to take on patients diagnosed with chronic and long-term illnesses that drain resources, time, and manpower.

Information, education and resources offered to such expatriates enables educated and informed decisions regarding medical care, preventive medicine, and treatment of conditions ranging from cancer treatment to spine or knee surgery to stem cell treatments in foreign facilities. Destinations such as Wooridul Spine Center in South Korea, EmCell stem cell research in Ukraine and Ageless Wonders in Panama offer international travelers the best that medicine has to offer.

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