Expats Finding Superlative Medical Care Abroad

If you’re an expat, or working for an international employer away from your homeland, one of the first things you need to know about is healthcare delivery in your new home. Frank G. transferred from his home town of Atlanta, Georgia to Guangdong Province, China  as his company’s lead tech manager.

While Frank wasn’t familiar with the way medical care was provided in southeastern China, he did know that he was within a few hours of many of the world’s most renowned hospitals and care providers.

For example, Frank got online and researched doctors, hospitals, outpatient clinics and facilities in his region through PlacidWay, a website he’d heard about from his mother.  He was pleasantly surprised by his findings. Expats from neighboring countries like Japan, Thailand, South Korea, and Vietnam were traveling to world-class facilities such as South Korea’s Wooridul Spine Care Hospital, or the Madras Joint Replacement Center in India. The Apollo Victor Hospital in Goa, India offered not only emergency and critical care, but care in nephrology, orthopedics, spinal and neurosurgery and cardiology care, surgical procedures and treatments.

Frank felt a lot better knowing that certified and highly qualified physicians and surgeons were nearby, and that JCI accredited hospitals were also available. Traveling to another country for work was hard enough; learning a new language, customs and immersing yourself into a new culture. He didn’t want to have to worry about the best in medical care. He’d heard the stories, that medical care around the world was substandard to American standards of care. He was never so wrong, and never so glad to admit it.

For more information regarding international medical care, hospitals and treatments abroad, visit – like Frank, you’ll likely be surprised at the high quality medical care you can find abroad.

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